NMAT Growth Strategy 2019 / 21

‘Raising standards and improving life chances of young people in the communities that we work within’

Our Vision

Nunthorpe Multi Academy Trust will strive to ensure that our schools respond to the context of their local community, maintain their own unique character and deliver the best possible outcomes for young people.

All of our students have an entitlement to be provided with opportunities that allow them to achieve their potential, and ensure that they make a valuable contribution as members of their community.

All of our staff must demonstrate high expectations in a climate of challenge and support based upon Quality Assured accountability.

Our Values

  1. To always have students at the forefront of our thinking.
  2. To consistently have high aspirations, high expectations and high standards for all of our students and staff.
  3. Effective collaboration through challenging partnerships within NMAT and through the networks that our Academies work within.
  4. Supporting colleagues to improve the educational experiences of young people across the Tees Valley.
  5. Seeking, valuing and responding to parents, carers and all other stakeholders’ contributions.

Our Commitment

  • To raise standards and improve the life chances of young people in the communities that we work within.
  • Collaboration across Academies including moderation and training/support across Departments and Key Stages.
  • To create coaching and leadership opportunities. Use rigorous Performance Management to allow fast track pay progression and career development to reward outstanding practitioners and thus assist the retention of high quality staff.
  • To recruit the best specialist teachers for our young people. Where possible utilising the high calibre North East Schools Teaching Alliance trainee teachers, ensuring that our NQTs are of the highest standard and are already part of the NMAT family.
  • To use competition as a vehicle to raise standards. To be driven by the desire for all to exceed national measures and comparators by developing healthy competition between Departments and Academies.
  • Sharing learning from other Academies (within and beyond the region) to drive further improvement for our students.
  • Ensure the efficiency of economies of scale in terms of staffing, training, Finance, HR etc. To develop Alternative Education/personalised curriculum/SEN provision opportunities across NMAT. Specialist school support services to work across our Academies.
  • Establish more extended school/enrichment opportunities for our students.
  • To expand NMAT only when confident that it will not detract from the current high quality support and challenge.

We are therefore committed to a growth strategy which achieves the following objectives:

  1. Sustained or ‘working with urgency towards’ high performance and outcomes for existing Academies.
  2. Building capacity and expertise to enable all Academies (existing, new converter and sponsor) to progress to become at least ‘Good’ as soon as possible.
  3. When capacity allows, to utilise the high quality provision within the existing NMAT Academies to sponsor another less than ‘Good’ Academy to help them to improve.
  4. Attracting like minded existing ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ Academies into NMAT to help build capacity.
  5. Building a MAT of between 5 – 8 Academies, within the geographical parameters outlined below, over the next 4 to 7 years.
  6. Secure controlled growth according to a coherent plan and pace approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner.

To download the full version of NMAT Growth Strategy, please click here

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Ryehills Academy
North East Schools Teaching Alliance